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Homeschool discovery

Yesterday, I asked an adult client about his first experience of the Irlen Method: "One day, while reading to my mother during a storm, the wind blew some cellophane from the art table over my book. I really liked how the page looked all red, with the black letters, so I ... Read More
March 30, 2016wwl_academy


My grandson wrote a story last week  – he’s in year 4 this year – about his favourite topic, dinosaurs, of course! It had a very imaginative plot and showed the beginnings of correct grammar and structure. I was quite proud of his achievement, as all grandmas would be. However, I was ... Read More
February 11, 2015wwl_academy


We must be way behind US in these episodes, so here is the one on Irlen Syndrome from last week’s “The Doctors” TV. (Past clients will spot “pumpkin face” in the section assessing for the lenses :-) ) Please share with anyone who is struggling with reading / writing / headaches… > DOCTORS TV: ... Read More
January 26, 2015wwl_academy



Tougher Teacher Training?

In my office – which reaches from Jurien Bay in the Midwest of WA, to Derby in the Kimberley, I deal with students (and adults!) every day, who have struggled within the school environment. Usually with learning to read, spelling, comprehension, writing and maths. Now, when you are having difficulty in ... Read More
December 10, 2014wwl_academy