What is Visual Processing Disorder

Visual Processing Disorder appears to be caused by a defect in one of the visual pathways that carries messages from the eye to the brain. This defect causes a timing fault in processing visual information. It is as if the brain was a radio and the frequency selector was not quite on the station so that static interfered with the reception.

A Visual Processing Disorder cannot be identified through standard psychological, educational or optometric testing. It is not an ophthalmological or optometric problem, but may coexist with it.

It can affect both adults and children, manifesting itself differently for each individual, and interfering with a range of activities which can be a lifetime barrier to learning.

Visual Processing Disorder is also known as Irlen® Syndrome and is different from Dyslexia.

Download PDF "Understanding Irlen Syndrome" (1.7Mb)

This video shows the dramatic and immediate improvements in reading for 4th grader, Blair, when being assessed for Irlen® Spectral Filters.

This video allows the viewer to experience Irlen® Syndrome firsthand. Animated distortions help recreate what the printed page looks like for many individuals suffering from Irlen® Syndrome.