Screen Time

Should it be limited for students with ADHD dyslexia and irlen Syndrome?

Lets talk ‘Screen time’….

This seems to be a popular subject nowadays, for parents, particularly of children with ADHD, dyslexia and irlen syndrome, with many different devices finding their way into our lives for all sorts of reasons and whether it makes life easier or harder is debatable. Often overlooked is the risk to children by increased data collection and exposure to online bullying and unmonitored ability to ‘chat’ in apps.

In a recent post on :

… the FBI addressed that issue in a public-service announcement from their Internet Crime Complaint Center.

The announcement stated that “The widespread collection of sensitive information by ed tech could present unique exploitation opportunities for criminals. Malicious use of this sensitive data could result in social engineering, bullying, tracking, identity theft, or other means for targeting children.”

In a post on Edweek’s Digital Education blog, Benjamin Herold added these details:

The new announcement cites a wide range of sensitive information collected in schools, including personally identifiable information; biometric data; students’ web-browsing histories, IP addresses, and geolocation; behavioral, disciplinary, and medical information; and academic and classroom data.”

Read the whole post here –


And, if we add ADHD to the mix:


“Children with ADHD seem to be particularly prone to excessive screen time use. After all, it’s not that people with ADHD cannot pay attention—they do that just fine with videogames and Legos. It’s more that they have difficulty sustaining attention to anything that isn’t fascinating. What could be more fascinating than videogames, with their visual graphics, sound effects, action, constant change, immediate feedback, and incentive to get to the next level? What could be a more addicting setup than ready access in your own room to the Internet, with its endless content of information or services for just about any question or desire?” Read the whole article  Too Much Screen Time                                      from

Do you find it hard to limit your children time on their devices after school and on weekends? Or are they happy to spend their half hour per day (or is it more?) and then be happy with entertaining themselves for the rest of the day? Can they even still use their imagination or does this take too much effort and they simply have lost the ability to play….. you know, like we used to in the ‘olden days’.
So, I ask you
What devices do your children use at school to help with their dyslexia or irlen syndrome?
How do you think that effects their home life?
What have you found for your ADHD child, that works, to limit their screen time?

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